Up to This Point is Rhett and Link's 3rd and perhaps most well known album. It contains 27 of their songs, all of which have their own music videos on Rhett and Link's main channel, with the exception of "The Hoover Dam".


  1. Facebook Song
  2. American Idol Theme (Alexis Cohen Tribute)
  3. Phatdippin' (Featuring Iman Crosson and Tay Zonday)
  4. Hello - The SETI Song (Featuring Billy Reid)
  5. Robot Girlfriend
  6. Space Junk
  7. The Cornhole Song
  8. Live on the Internet
  9. Roscoes Chicken and Waffles
  10. Buffet Song
  11. BBQ Song (Live with the Homestead Pickers)
  12. The Cheese Rap
  13. Food Cart Song
  14. I Wanna Be Your Maine Man
  15. The World's Largest Song
  16. Dead iPod Song
  17. Shamwow Song
  18. Freelance Fireworks Hall of Fame
  19. In The 80's
  20. Internet Overdose
  21. Red House Theme
  22. The Perfect Bathroom Trip
  23. Photoshop Your Memories
  24. Crayon Colors Song
  25. The Hoover Dam
  26. Get You Back
  27. Lonely Sad Little Water Dispensing Tab

Videos of Each SongEdit

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