Season 4 of Good Mythical Morning is the fourth season of Rhett and Link's daytime talk show. This season has 79 episodes. Starting in this season, a new set was made for Good Mythical Morning.


  1. Back to School
  2. NASA Sends Poetry to Martians
  3. 5 Tips for Freshmen
  4. The Spicy Food Challenge
  5. 9 Fictional Pets That Should Be Real
  6. Why Are Things Funny?
  7. Spitting in Someone's Mouth
  8. How to Stop Procrastinating
  9. Ultimate Noodle Showdown
  10. Link's Epic Mountain Bike FAIL
  11. The Perfect Crime
  12. 3 Easy Eye Exercises
  13. How to Stop Hitting the Snooze Button
  14. 8 Groups You Won't Believe Exist
  15. The Best Pencil Ever Made
  16. The Secret of Will Rogers
  17. Is This Art?
  18. How to Save Money
  19. Name That Siren Game
  20. How To Implant False Memories
  21. Hot Coffee Lawsuit
  22. The Butt Touch
  23. When You Run Out of Toilet Paper
  24. NERD vs GEEK: How to Tell the Difference
  25. 5 Jobs That Will Exist in the Future
  26. Taste Tripping Pill Test
  27. 6 Legal Things That Should Be Illegal
  28. Overcoming Shyness
  29. Happy Birthday Rhett!
  30. Real Life Buried Treasure
  31. Rhett's Amazing Dream
  32. My Surfing Accident
  33. How to Stay Awake in Class
  34. Awkward Photos on Cereal Boxes
  35. Introducing the Big Mac & Cheese
  36. We Declare a #HASHTAG WAR!
  37. #HASHTAG War Goes Nuclear
  38. Making a Dog Yawn
  39. What is ASMR?
  40. Living in a Real Haunted House
  41. The Ghost Pepper Challenge
  42. Redneck Theme Park
  43. The Scariest Story Ever Told
  44. #HASHTAG War Victory!!
  45. News Musical: Wedding Fail
  46. 5 Weirdest Sites on the Internet
  47. The Toilet Restaurant
  48. Unique Names vs Common Names
  49. Draw Your Mind Map
  50. 6 Unbelievable Body Modifications
  51. The Family Torture Device
  52. Why Wednesday is the Best Day of the Week
  53. Does Blowing Your Nose Make a Cold Worse?
  54. 6 Ridiculous Broccoli Commercials
  55. 5 Sports You've Never Heard Of
  56. The Last Person to See Gravity
  57. Shipfaced
  58. Tips for Avoiding Awkward Silences
  59. You Can Start Your Own Country
  60. 10 Amazing Animal Disguises (w/ video)
  61. Awkward Rock Climber
  62. 8 Ways to Spot a Liar
  63. Cat Hair Thanksgiving Dinner
  64. The Movie Setting Game
  65. 6 Ways the World Could End
  66. Essential Items for the Apocalypse
  67. 15 Words For Things You Didn't Know Had Names
  68. When You Forget to Put on Deodorant...
  69. Deconstructing the McRib
  70. The 6 Weirdest Christmas Traditions on Earth
  71. When You Meet a Celebrity...
  72. The Strangest Candy on Earth
  73. Wrapping a Cat for Christmas
  74. 2 Inappropriate Christmas Carols
  75. Why is Santa Fat?
  76. "NeverWet" Our Pants
  77. Meeting Our Hero
  78. The Perfect Free Christmas Gift
  79. Rhett & Link Get Waxed
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