Season 3 of Good Mythical Morning is the third season of Rhett and Link's daytime talk show. This season has 59 episodes.


  1. Beards and Vests (GMM Season 3!)
  2. How to Turn Your Furby Evil
  3. Link's Boneheaded Car Accident
  4. Waffles are Better than Pancakes
  5. Name These Celebrities Game
  6. The Greatest Place on Earth . . .
  7. Top Ten Workout Songs (2 Guys 2 Weights)
  8. 14 Words the English Language Needs
  9. Are Eyebrows Facial Hair?
  10. 10 Weird Ways to Live Longer Game
  11. 4 Year Old Walks Into a Bar
  12. Dining with William Shatner and Predicting the Future
  13. Pizza Thief: The Musical
  14. Peanut Butter VS Nutella
  15. What is Groundhog Day?
  16. 15 Top Super Bowl Commercials of 2013
  17. Killing Rhett's Beard
  18. Killer Cats
  19. The Rhett and Link Pinball Machine
  20. Walmart Taste Test: The Game
  21. The Burger King Funeral
  22. Food Court Nightmare
  23. How to Pick the Perfect Valentine's Day Card
  24. Bacon Soda?!?
  25. Eating a Pizza in Less Than 60 Seconds
  26. Unbelievable Facts About Every US President
  27. Unisex Bathroom Experience
  28. Harlem Shake Roundup
  29. Rhett & Link Eat Insects
  30. 10 Brainteasers to Test Your Mental Sharpness
  31. Rhett & Link are Moving
  32. Our New Studio
  33. Curse Words for Kids
  34. IKEA Horse Meatballs
  35. Best Movie Theme Songs Ever (Game)
  36. Driving Too Slow Should Be Illegal
  37. Impersonating a Deputy For Months To Impress Your Girlfriend
  38. Awesome Bird Magician
  39. Best Smell in the World
  40. The Super Word Game of Abbreviations
  41. Rhett's Remarkable Dream
  42. Addicted to GPS
  43. Could We Survive an Alien Invasion?
  44. Worst Feeling Ever
  45. 12 Weird Headlines from KY
  46. The Most Amazing Optical Illusions on the Internet
  47. Weird Celebrities's Kids' Names
  48. How to Spend a Million Dollars
  49. Best Year to Time Travel To
  50. Rhett's Severe Injury
  51. Matching Music to Your Mood
  52. Man Never Has to Eat Food Again
  53. Amazing Kickstarter: The Drutter
  54. Link's Crotch is on Fire
  55. Best Cartoon Theme Songs Ever (Game)
  56. 10 Greatest April Fools Pranks of all Time
  57. Big Announcement: Our New Show
  58. 10 Most Awesome World Records
  59. The Barry White Microphone
  60. Good Mythical Morning Trivia Game
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