"It's like Nartu Fordy's... food." -Link

Nartu Fody (ˈnär'tü-ˈfō'dē) is a recurring "ghost" thought to be seen on the set of Good Mythical Morning. It is seen on-video as a small wisp of light or distortion, and has been seen in "Do We Have a Ghost?", "Mystery Popsicle Taste Test", and "The $20,000 Plane Ticket", along with being mentioned in the Good Mythical More episode "Getting a Stinky Bean Facial". Joked to be an alien Spanish demon, Nartu is unable to communicate audibly, instead taking over a radio when stations are changed at a rapid rate. Nartu spoke his name by hijacking the radio during two hip-hop songs to say "Nartu", followed closely by "Foty", after his name was asked. Paranormal investigator Erik Vanlier from Valley Investigators of the paranormal was the first to discover the name as seen in the "Do We Have a Ghost" episode using a modified Radio Shack radio called a hack-shack which sweeps radio frequencies.
Nartu Fody
Nartu Fody2

Nartu seen passing over a wooden wall.