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A list of all the episodes of Good Mythical Crew episodes. The seasons are the seasons of Good Mythical Morning that the episode appeared in. It originally aired on Rhett and Link 4 before moving to the Good Mythical Morning channel.

Good Mythical Crew, Season 9[]

Good Mythical Crew, Season 9 Episodes
Episode Title Length Upload Date Summary Notes
1 The Duct Tape Trials 7:07 January 23, 2016 We're taking you behind the scenes of Good Mythical Morning!
2 The Case of the Cod Sperm 6:45 January 30, 2016 The Crew hunts high and low for cod sperm on this week's GMC!
3 The Fake Fry Taste Test 6:32 February 6, 2016 Kevin & Chase put Alex's fry tasting skills to the ultimate test.
4 The Search For True Bromance 5:52 February 13, 2016 Can food reveal the true depth of Alex & Mike's bromance?
5 The Ballad of the Bathroom Boys 5:37 February 20, 2016 Alex, Chase, & Mike put their plumbing skills to the test.
6 The Ultimate Cheese Fountain 5:02 February 27, 2016 Alex & Mike set out to make the world’s greatest cheese fountain.
7 The Quest For An Emu Egg 7:39 March 5, 2016 Alex & Mike head down to the farm in search of the ultimate egg.
8 The Fallout Shelter Challenge 7:32 March 12, 2016 Can Alex & Mike survive the end of the world?
9 The Weird Beach Treasure Hunt 6:46 March 19, 2016 Can Alex and Mike find buried treasure at the beach?
10 The Supreme Self-Tanner Test 7:32 March 26, 2016 Which self-tanner gives Mike the most sun-kissed glow?
11 The Horse Poop Pursuit 6:38 April 2, 2016 Alex & Mike's #1 priority is to find some serious #2.
12 The Scary Spider Search 8:45 April 9, 2016 Alex helps Mike face 3 of his fears in one very scary day. GMC moves to the Good Mythical Morning channel.
13 The Glow In The Dark Food Challenge 8:29 April 16, 2016 Alex & Mike learn the hard way that glowing milk tastes terrible.
14 The Blood Sucking Leech Adventure 8:16 April 23, 2016 Mike & Alex journey into the wild world of leech wrangling.
15 The Deer Urine Stain Shower 9:10 April 30, 2016 Chase & Kevin put their stain making powers to the test.
16 The Gladiator Sweat Challenge 7:38 May 7, 2016 Alex & Mike set out to become the world’s sweatiest gladiators.
17 The Candy Corn Dog Creation 8:40 May 14, 2016 Mike & Alex compete to create the finest gas station food creation.
18 The Celebrity House Hunt 8:03 May 21, 2016 Mike & Alex head into Hollywood to find the perfect celebrity souvenir.
19 Romantic Future Predictions 9:14 May 28, 2016 Mike & Alex meet a psychic with news about their future romances.
20 Drinking Polluted River Water 8:13 June 4, 2016 Mike & Alex head to the LA River to sample some of its fine water.
21 Breaking Dumb Laws 8:55 June 11, 2016 Mike & Alex embark on a life of crime in the name of internetainment.
22 Epic Ice Skating Fail 8:31 June 18, 2016 Alex & Mike hit the ice to learn how to be the next Michelle Kwan.

Good Mythical Crew, Season 10[]

Good Mythical Crew, Season 10 Episodes
Episode Title Length Upload Date Summary Notes
23 Clown Contouring Makeup Ft. Hannah Hart 9:33 August 6, 2016 Alex & Mike hit the open sea for a fishy prize and Lizzie practices her contouring techniques with YouTuber Hannah Hart.
24 Making The Mythical Sauce 9:08 August 13, 2016 Lizzie and Kevin create their own Mythical Sauce and Mike and Alex get a pottery lesson while Eddie and Chase make their own garments.
25 Test Driving BattleBots 8:03 August 20, 2016 Mike and Alex learn about BattleBots, while Lizzie and Kevin practice their weaponry skills, and Eddie works on the Alge-BRA.
26 Crashing the Power Rangers Convention 9:52 August 27, 2016 Mike and Alex head to Morphicon for some cosplay tips, Kevin creates some custom bling, and Chase blends up an energizing treat!
27 Making the Spider Roll 10:55 September 3, 2016 Mike and Alex head to Sushi School, Eddie & Daniela build a redneck hot tub, and Kevin searches for a Burbank-themed immunity idol.
28 Farting In Jars Experiment 10:28 September 10, 2016 Mike and Alex trap some weird smells in jars, Lizzie whips up some fried chicken, and Chase gets fratty with the Spank Plank.
29 Testing Stupid Superstitions 12:29 September 17, 2016 Mike & Alex test out some superstitions, Eddie paints happy little cans, and Kevin & Daniela head to Baron’s Hats to make a custom hat.
30 Caveman For A Day Challenge 12:34 September 24, 2016 Kevin & Lizzie whip up the ultimate meal replacement smoothie, Alex & Mike live like Cavemen for a day, and the whole crew commit their ugliest mugs to film.
31 Making A Chalk Cannon 10:14 October 1, 2016 Alex & Mike head to the salon for a haircut, Daniela & Lizzie whip up an awful offal smoothie, & Eddie & Kevin build epic chalk cannons.
32 Superglued Hands Fail 11:52 October 8, 2016 Alex and Mike test ways to injure themselves, Chase tailors a freezer pop shirt to cure an itch, and Jen & Casey create their own donuts!
33 Stuck Together for 12 Hours 9:36 October 15, 2016 Mike and Alex are conjoined for the day, the Mythical Crew make celebratory t-shirts for 1000 episodes, and Eddie & Lizzie construct a portable outhouse that Rhett or Link will have to use!
34 Making a Gross Breath Balloon 9:57 October 22, 2016 Mike and Alex record sounds from the wild, Chase builds a Hashtag Hashbrown, and Kevin endures pain to make a balloon smell good.
35 Ghost Hunting At Devil's Gate 11:49 October 29, 2016 Mike and Alex encounter demons, Kevin and Eddie can't believe they made chocolate butter cups, & Lizzie turns Chase into a serial killer.
36 Making A Duct Tape Bathtub 8:38 November 5, 2016 Mike & Alex get bendy bodies, Kevin & Chase construct a duct tape tub, and Lizzie prepares to feed R&L pasta sauce made by her feet!
37 Drone Cheeto Eating Challenge 10:40 November 12, 2016 Mike & Alex fly the best budget drones on the market, Lizzie & Kevin go head to head in a mythical breakfast creation challenge, and Eddie powers a flashlight with potatoes!
38 Magic Tricks Secrets Revealed 13:22 November 19, 2016 Mike & Alex learn the secrets to magic, Kevin & Lizzie test toys with Rhett's son, and Chase bakes a blood cookie!
39 Miniature Horse Doctors 9:16 November 26, 2016 Mike & Alex volunteer at a mini horse sanctuary, Eddie cooks up a chocolate bacon-wrapped turkey leg, and Lizzie grows a beard?
40 Popcorn Popping Fanny Pack 11:49 December 3, 2016 Mike & Alex post a Kickstarter campaign for The Fanny Pop, Eddie & Lizzie go Christmas tree shopping, & Kevin learns how to speak Klingon with a real Klingon linguist!
41 Light Graffiti Art in Los Angeles 12:06 December 10, 2016 Mike & Alex run around Los Angeles to light graffiti the town, Lizzie & Chase build a fake baby peeing device, and John heads out to find authentic British candy!
42 Guy’s Beauty Pageant Training Disaster 12:12 December 17, 2016 Mike & Alex go head to head in a beauty pageant, Kevin tries to grow a beard, and Chase & Colin recreate Jack Black's face with candy!
43 Finding the Real Santa at Santacon 12:18 December 24, 2016 Mike & Alex search for the real Santa Claus at Santacon, Lizzie & Kevin have a controversial cookoff, and Rhett & Link give an office tour to a very special guest.

Good Mythical Crew, Season 11[]

Good Mythical Crew, Season 11 Episodes
Episode Title Length Upload Date Summary Notes
44 Swallowing Whole Hot Dogs Challenge 10:05 January 21, 2017 Mike & Alex try to swallow full length hot dogs and the Mythical Crew eats specific foods to make their pee smell for GMM.
45 Eating Dumpster Sushi 10:53 January 28, 2017 Mike & Alex dumpster dive to find food to picnic, the Mythical Crew records a speed karaoke album, and Colin & Chase make fat popsicles mmMMMmmm.
46 Shock Collar Tea Party 11:18 February 4, 2017 Mike & Alex have a shock collar tea party, Lizzie tricks Kevin to wear 24 hour lipstick, and Eddie & Micah test out soda explosions.
47 Ultimate Millipede Race 10:30 February 11, 2017 Mike & Alex race millipedes, Kevin makes hair gel ice cream, and Eddie & Micah test out body swap technology.
48 Throwing Real Fireballs 10:08 February 18, 2017 Mike & Alex turn into Wario and Waluigi, Lizzie & Ellie perform witchcraft, & Kevin, John, & Eddie have a special surprise for the ladies of Mythical Entertainment.
49 Breaking Bottles w/ Boomerangs 8:25 February 25, 2017 Mike & Alex test out boomerangs, Lizzie makes a 25 spice smoothie for Rhett, and Colin & Kevin make Ryan Gosling's face out of egg!
50 Learn The Mythical Dance 8:34 March 4, 2017 Mike & Alex learn a choreographed dance to teach Rhett & Link, Kevin shops for dresses, and Micah & Lizzie create chicken sandwich churros!
51 1000 Degree Slinky vs Stairs 8:31 March 11, 2017 Mike & Alex heat up metal objects with a blow torch, Eddie & Saagar make Doritos pasta, and John & Kevin film a fake movie scene.
52 Hot Sauce Flip Cup 8:09 March 18, 2017 Mike & Alex play the spiciest game of flip cup, Micah & Colin create a sombrero sized shower cap, & Lizzie boils beetles for safety.