Ep. 2 (Feat. Clown Shark, Tony Hale) is the second episode of the first season of The Mythical Show, aired on the rhettandlink2 YouTube channel.

In this episode, Rhett and Link discuss Rhett fainting at the doctor's office and debut five entirely new segments including their first attempt at animated content, a cartoon called Forest Patrol, and a guest appearance by Tony Hale of the former Fox sitcom, Arrested Development.


  • "Clown Shark" Music Video, an original song that tells the story of a hippie (Rhett) with an abnormal fear of a clown-shark amalgam (played by Link).
  • Craigslist Crank Call: "Cosmetics", Rhett and Link prank call a woman on Craigslist who is asking for makeup and various cosmetics as a married couple with Link acting as Rhett's hesitant wife.
  • Forest Patrol Episode 1 "The Dongle", animated park rangers Gus and Russel encounter the Sabertooth Donkey Eagle and learn how to interact with it.
  • May Holiday Challenge, Rhett and Link celebrate all thirty-one May holidays in four minutes.
  • Feeding the Ducks w/ Tony Hale, Rhett and Link feed ducks and discuss aliens and if they've ever eaten ducks with Arrested Development's Tony Hale.


  • Rhett and Link mention heavily about Rhett's back issues which were first discussed in the Good Mythical Morning episode "Rhett's Severe Injury" and mentioned in a number of subsequent episodes.

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