Ep. 1 (Feat. Goorgen "SHIFT IT" & The Fine Bros) the first episode of The Mythical Show, aired on the YouTube channel rhettandlink2.

In this episode, Rhett and Link kick off their new half-hour show with six individual songs and sketches including a revival of their local commercial production and guest appearances by The Fine Bros. ("Kids React") and Tobuscus.


  • This is Science w/ Rusty & Larnold: How to Make a Bottle Tornado: Rusty and Larnold, assisted by a little boy named Christian, teach the viewers how to create an bottle tornado using glitter, soap, and duct tape.
  • Meeting Goorgen: Much in the vein of thier former IFC reality show, Rhett and Link: Commercial Kings, Rhett and Link show viewers behind the scenes of thier newest local commercial for Arlen's Transmission shop. They explore what the shop does and introduce viewers to the eccentric Goorgen who owns the shop and doubles as a singer.
  • Ear Troll (w/ Toby Turner): Rhett and Link investigate a ringing sound in the office and it turns out to be an Ear Troll (Toby Turner) who has found a gold nugget-sized ball of earwax that will save his Ear Troll family from poverty.
  • Tawkward (w/ The Fine Bros): Rhett and Link implement their Speech Jammer in a Charades-esque game show against The Fine Bros.
  • Arlen's Transmission ad: Rhett and Link present their commercial for Arlen's Transmission which has Goorgen singing a catchy jingle called "Shift It" inspired by one of his own music videos.
  • "Have You Ever" Music Video: Rhett and Link in Hall and Oates-like garb sing a song about dumb things they've done that the audience can relate to.


  • The episode's quirky local commercial for Arlen's Transmisson was featured on The Ellen Show a week following the episode's air date.
  • Rusty and Larnold make a comeback with their segment "This is Science" after being last seen in Santa & Elf FAIL (Men Who Can't Pee 2) from December 2009.
  • This is the first episode to feature a live studio audience.

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